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People view AI as the genie of the bottle once it’s out then nearly impossible to capture it back in the lamp and that’s somehow is true.

The question arises on stages discussing AI always have that one smokey question “Will AI outstrip its creator and what will that mean for humanity when we reach that point?” The question arrives isn't it doing it already? It’s already showing us where it’s going to lead us, and unconsciously we’re all ants building anthill of AI.

Artificial Intelligence Fiction

We’re all acting as bootloaders to all online spaces including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and they’re kind of becoming our limbic system all the memories of us good or bad are getting fed to it and we don’t want to delete that, nobody wants to. Limbic resonance is what makes these social media important to us, it contains all our friends through which we satisfy our social needs and the memories we live for. All of that’s online whether it’s an e-commerce website or simply a google search engine knows us more than ourselves, simply by learning our behavior patterns.

I think the only barrier that this globe is not being a terminator scene yet is bandwidth, for now, the touchpoints through which we interact with technology are our fingers but what happens if the data conversion directly occurs with our brains? You’re always thinking about something, the human mind never stops, and yet while It’s running, we’re feeding data to a system that has the capability to design algorithms, that’ll self-learn and develop itself.

Well, it’s a good thing for user experience – but bad people are going to do bad things. By using all this data, they have a potential to target us negatively and the machine is going to learn how to boost that impact hour after hour without any sentiments.

If AI robots became cyborgs that's not going to be in anyone's control – and yet most people will try to use that against everyone. The best use cause will be the only option that’ll be left for us is to bow down in front of that and upgrade our capabilities using AI - in other words we need a stronger AI to beat the AI that was initially created and then the chain goes on. Scary right?

Well, it all may look superficial to you for now and I’m also just typing down my imagination and possibilities that came along with the AI – there is anxiety around not knowing where it can lead us. However, on the other hand, I still do think that it’s normal with new technologies, because the actual facts of AI are we don't know it yet where it’s gonna swing us along.