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Art is integrated everywhere, it’s not just in the smile of the Mona Lisa or the Starry Night but it’s in business also. Every day millions of businesses establish, but very few of them succeed. why? Because they don’t have a good business idea? Or there are some loopholes in their strategy? Well, these all are might be the confluences of the business failing but we can’t put all the burden on that.

One of the major confluences that most of the businesses fail to jot down, is their design. Yes, design! Lego would never be successful if they use black and grey colors on their boxes because these colors might not attract the audience they’re targeting “The Kids”. The usage of vibrant colors on their themes is what makes their business successful as the color red represents energy, warmth and yellow gives the feeling of happiness and joy.

Art and Business

This all may look superficial to you, but energy does resonate. There is a reason why McDonald's is using yellow color and a dumb clown... Colors do communicate. You’ve to find out the perfect color grading and resonate the energy of your brand to the audience. Most people might overlook this small detail – they have an amazing strategy and out-of-the-world business idea but yet they fail. The reason is the audience they’re targeting can’t relate to them, or they might don’t look attractive.

There are quotes on Instagram that says “It's not how you look it’s what you’re” and this might help you to move on from your breakup, but it’s not the case in business. Humans unconsciously get impressed by the way your business look, if it’s ugly then it is what it is.

Make your outlook better, use colors according to your target market and add feelings to your business... so you don’t look like any other organization running behind revenues in this capitalistic world. That’ll be your competitive edge, people will run towards you if they can relate to you, or want to get associated with you. There are a lot of companies making mobile phones, they might have even better specifications than iPhones but people run towards that logo because of the executive feel it gives.

Push some efforts on the representation of your brand, use green if you’re about eco-friendliness, tranquility - use black if you want to communicate the authority and seriousness of your business, and use blue if you’re all about dignity and loyalty.